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Has anybody used joy sticks or potentiometers for the throttle on a DCC-Ex system? It seems to me that the system is geared towards smart phone throttle apps (which is fine but not my preference in this case).

The website seems to suggest that you can use physical buttons but they're still connected to a smart phone. I either haven't dug deep enough or the details just get vague when it comes to a fixed physical device for controlling a motor and sound on some tracks. Do I just need to keep reading?

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I'm under the impression those are big money @prrjim. Im using DCC for an animated model in this case so I thought I might want to go the cheaper route to make sure I can even make the model work.

Plus I thought I could always throw some extras into an Arduino if I want to.

Regardless, I will take a look. I guess I just made an assumption and ran with haha

Edit: also, I was hoping for joystick or potentiometer to make a more realistic control box to closer match the prototype. But again, maybe I overlooked that this could already exist.

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