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I have finally bought my weaver 2 rail DC pocono.

Now this is where I need help from all of you,

1. simple dcc starter system for O scale,
2. dcc power supply,
3. sound and smoke, I will have installed by a dcc service center.

I am not interested in starting a brand war, I just want to know what all of you use.
Why you choose it,
what you like about it,
and how easy it is to use.

I would like to buy a dcc system that will grow when I buy a bigger house, and have a permanet layout.

please understand that I am coming from 3 rail, and have used mth dcs & lionel tmcc and legacy. I know NOTHING about 2 rail dcc, so I will read all of your info if you choose to respond to this thread. Then I will try to find a place to demo all of the different dcc systems.

thank you in advance for your help, I will be buying some 2 rail atlas track next week.
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I am going to give you may standard advice:

Get a system that some of your buddies locally also use. If a lot of the modelers in your area use NCE, get that, if they use Digitrax, get that, if they use EasyDCC get that or Lenz or MRC. That way when you have quick questions or run into startup confusion, you can ask some of them for advice.

I am in a round robin operating group and most of the guys are in HO. All have some sort of DCC also now. So I was able to run on all the major systems before making a decision. I was strongly leaning toward NCE and their 10 amp system for O Scale. However, I was offered a large amount of Digitrax stuff including an 8 Amp radio system from an estate at a very good price. At that time NCE was having problems with their radio throttles and I learned that the Digitrax ones worked really well (on 3 different layouts). So I got the digitrax system. Price was a big deciding factor, but having at least 2 others in the area using it helped. And the experience of reliable operation on it.

I think all the major systems offer a heavier output capability that works better with O Scale. I think Lenz, NCE, and EasyDCC each have 10 amp boosters available. Digitrax has 8 amp ones for larger scales. They also all have lower powered ones. If you are going to have sound and more than one loco, I would recommend the heavier duty system.
I've used NCE DCC systems for around 10 years and have been very pleased with their products and customer support. I especially like that I was able to upgrade the command base with new functionality by exchanging eproms for a modest price ($25). Essentially my 10 year old system is functionally as good as the newest one. My choice of NCE back then was intuitive rather than analytical. I went with NCE over Digitrax because owner Jim Scorce is an O scaler and I heard he designed and tested his product line for "heavy duty" service. When I visited the Digitrax factory during the Atlanta O scale National all we saw in the lab and factory were HO and N scale test tracks. Since installing NCE DCC on my railroad I've operated several railroads using Digitrax gear and while they functioned well, I found I preferred the feel and functionality NCE cabs over the Digitrac ones, particularly the way radio cabs select locomotives - it just seemed less complicated.

One man's opinion.. If you're railroading in a group, going with the predominate system in the group makes allot of sense - for 2 treasons. The first is obvious - group support in getting through the learning curve. The second is that for large group operating sessions your friends can bring over their cabs to operate on your railroad - and you won't have to buy as many!!

Ed Rappe
I use LENZ DCC because I loved the big round knob style throttle and because at the time of the purchase Tony's Train Exchange was selling the SET90 system at a nice discount. These are not the best reasons to base a purchase decision perhaps, but I didnt have any friends using DCC, and the German made Lenz did have a reputation as a well made system. My railroad doesn't require a 10 amp power supply...the 5 amp standard system will be adequate for it. Chosing a DCC system is a personal choice since ultimately they all meet the same NMRA standards. Others have given excellent advice...just added in my thoughts.


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