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Pretty much what the Title says:-
Is there a DCC sound decoder available from any manufacturer to suit the Atlas O Trainman RS3? Google doesn't seem to throw up anything suitable, just HO scale decoders.
On a related note, does anyone have experience of MRC decoders? All I've read or heard about them has not been very good; the general opinion bding "Avoid them!!".
Any comments about them here?
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the Alco RS3 used the 244 engine. SoundTraxx and QSI both have that sound set.

If it's a twin motored engine, the Protocraft 3.5amp version of the Soundtraxx Tsunami is a good choice, or you can use a NCE408 for power/lights and a Soundtraxx DSX sound only decoder (if you can find one). The QSI Titan U may be a good choice as well.



LOKsound makes a solid decoder with a sound set for that loco, If I were choosing I would use the LOKSound XL that can handle 4.0 amps. I have a lot of experience with many decoders and the LOKsound by far sound the best to me. I do not find any real fault with the MRC decoders, they sound OK and are quite inexpensive however in smaller scales some of them are not as loud as they should be. The run a train quite well and you do get a decent sound set but the LOKSound decoders sound the best of all that I have heard.

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