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The Reader's Digest version for the novice... The experts most likely don't make these mistakes.

The curly phone cord must have four (4) wires.  Some have 2 wires.  LOOK CLOSELY.  Took me 2 days to figure this out.

If your computer is having a difficult time using the TIU USB connection (FT232R USB UART) and finding a COM port connection on the DCS loader, go to and download the Windows USB drivers.

I spent countless hours all day Sunday and today, messing with a windows machine running Windows 7 and a MAC running Windows XP performing all sorts of upgrades and running scripts which did nothing to help.

I'm sure for those that do this regularly, this is all second nature.  But when you only upgrade once every 12-18 months, it can be hard to remember all the undocumented steps of what you did last time.

Have Fun!



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Barry Broskowitz posted:

Just an FYI...

Everything you need to know to make updating DCS easy is discussed, in detail, in The DCS Companion 3rd Edition and also in The DCS WiFi Companion 3rd Edition.

@Barry Broskowitz    Barry, you know me, we have talked by phone, and you know that I have all your books and that you have my undying respect. However, I gotta tell you ... I could NOT find reference in your book to the available drivers at MTH's website. I might have missed it. 

I just had to thank @Ron045 for the link. That did the trick for me and my Microsoft Surface Pro, running Windows 10 Pro, using a Sabrent USB-RS232 9-Pin connector. Even Sabrent's drivers did not work, but those at MTH's site DID work (and they are 3 years old). 

So now the TIU is updated to 6.1 as is the remote. The WIU is updated as well ... BUT ...

I am still l having problems.

DCS signal quality is a "1" all across the layout. With that, I re-strung my track power wires and re-connected all my lock-on units, and STILL the signal quality is a "1."

A multi-meter test shows solid 17-18v throughout. 

I gotta think it's the wire. 

-- Dr Joe 

Barry Broskowitz posted:


I could NOT find reference in your book to the available drivers at MTH's website. I might have missed it. 

While not referring to the MTH drivers specifically, page 192, paragraph 4 discusses installing available software drivers before using a serial to USB cable.

Feel free to amend your book with my info Barry.  My residuals are cheap. 😉

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Dave Zucal posted:

ROND45, you may have a bad TIU channel. Have you tried a signal test with all your other TIU channels, to see what the results are? Also try testing with another engine to see if the results are the same.

@Barry Broskowitz sent me some tips this morning, which I will get to. Your comment about a bad channel are intriguing. I did blow a fuse on fixed channel 1 and the out-posts were somewhat melted; so, I swapped in some posts from a variable channel that I never use. Bottom line - you could be right about the channel, the blown fuse notwithstanding, although power is coming out and going to the track. Perhaps the signal is not?

Many thanks. 


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