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@BOB WALKER posted:

Can't help but ask: what is your basic motivation for adding DCC to your OGauge layout?

I'm a convert from HO scale and have used dcc for many years. A few of my engines will receive WOW sound decoders and have the motors wired in series for better slow speed control since I run mostly prototypical switching operations and they will be dcc only. Since dcc and dcs won't play together at the same time I've wired everything through a toggle switch so that I can select either dcc or dcs/legacy depending upon the engines I'm running.

I used to belong to a large HO club that used Digitrax dcc and many of my friends from the club who visit my layout and participate in operating sessions will be familiar with the Digitrax equipment. I have four Digitrax throttles and one each of the dcs and legacy throttles.

One of the primary reason I'm adding dcc is because of the uncertainty of the future of dcs. I know it's been stated that it will continue, but in what form? I have the wifi system but I don't really want to operate via an app on my phone. It's okay for starting up a train and letting it run but not really good for switching operations.

And "the" primary reason for adding dcc is so I can use the ProtoThrottle from Iowa Scaled Engineering It's a little on the pricey side but looks like a load of fun!

Joe Shipbaugh

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