I just picked up a DCS Explorer and love it but while it operates my Protosound 2.0 locomotives just fine, it will not operate my Protosound 3.0 locomotive. The PS 3 locomotives PS 3.0 was installed by an authorized MTH tech a couple of years ago. Has anyone hear had a similar experience, do I possibly need to update the firmware in the Explorer? Any help would be appreciated.


I know this post is a little old but I am a lot slow at figuring things out. This problem was driving me nuts until I for soe reason decided to check and see if there was a switch on the bottom of the locomotive. Well there was and apparently this switch moves it from DCS operation to conventional only operation. A flick of the switch and the problem was solved. No if I can just get down programming the PS 3 locos it will be great.


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Two questions:

1. Can the DCS Explorer not find the PS3 locomotive when you press read on the app?

2. How many locomotives do you have stored in the app/DCS Explorer? The DCS Explorer can only store 3 locomotives, unlike the TIU which can store 99. 

The locomotive starts up as soon as the Exploers power is plugged in and it cycles through. I have only 1 locomotive in the exploerer and only one on the track at a time for programming. Any suggections?

You should have not have power going to the track from the Explorer until you do something in the app. E.g. refresh, add an engine.

I don’t have any PS2 engines so I’m know why it does work correctly, but it would make me look at the problem being with the PS3 engine first.

if you power up the Explorer without engine on the track is their power?


Mark W

No there is no power without the engine on the track. I always open the app first to refresh it before plugging in the power but the app doesn't really seem to refesh but I cannot be sure. I definitely know that there is no power to the track if a locomotive is not present.

I tried loading sound files to the PS 3.0 engine as well and the TIU cannot find the locomotive. I tried everything recommended and nothing works. I contacted MTH but that don't have a solution for either problem. I have exhausted all means of getting any PS 3.0 locos going I am going to 86 them all and go back to PS 2.0. I am glad I dont have a problem with TMCC and Legacy.

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