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Our model railroad club has two handheld DCS controllers.  Unit one would not startup an engine the other day; upon further investigation, we found that it would load engines into the system (we deleted and reloaded the engine that would not start using unit one).  Also, once an engine was started using unit two, unit one could perform all other functions (run, whistle, bell, couplers and shutdown).  Batteries are good; my simple mind says maybe the "3" button on the controller (which initiates startup) is bad.  Does that make sense; can you think of a way to troubleshoot this?

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Bring the engine up on the problem remote. Go to the soft keys. Scroll with the arrow button and find SSU. Push the button under it and it should start up with extended start up sounds. If it starts with this method then   I would check out the remote.

Engines with dead batteries can always be deleted and re added. They will even run probably through a session. Then when they sit for a bit. They won’t start up without deleting. Not sure of the exact sequence you used when re adding and switching remotes. Was it only the one engine you tried to start ? The battery in the one engine could be bad.

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OK, your suggestion works.

Re startup with second remote:  Unit 2 (the good remote) was used to start the engine and run it normally.  It was at that point that I tried to run the engine with Unit 1 (the remote with startup problems).  Unit 1 was able to execute all functions except startup.  I took it to my house and duplicated the same experience with my locomotive.

Re engine battery:  I was able to startup multiple engines with Unit 2, so I doubt that is the issue (also, loading was no problem with Unit 2).  Likewise, the engines at my house work fine with my remote (they all have BGCRs) - Unit 1 appears to be the culprit, but it does allow startup with the SSU softkey.  I am therefore of the belief that the problem is with the "3" button.  Will let you know if I learn more.  Thanks for your help; regards, Var

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