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I have an early E8 from MTH. It did not work. Sent it to MTH for repair. It worked. Stored for many years. Now no DCS. Works in conventional. Looks like MTH changed the guts. It has a 3v battery in a 9v battery clip.

I want to charge the battery. The charging port is a little white square connector. Is that the right connector for 3v battery? Battery is at 2.7 volts,

Engine wouldn't load. Any suggestions?


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Did you try a "Recover engine".  E8 has plenty of room for the AA battery.  The AAA don't last long in my opinion.  AA batteries are rarely the issue with 3V board sets.  They can store enough energy and last about 7 years.  The fact it works in conventional eliminates the battery.  Dead battery and it would not come out of neutral.  G

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