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  • My DCS remote is failing.  It cuts off more and more frequently, either just going blank or when I push a button.  For instance there are some pre recorded sessions, but pushing the play button now shuts off the remote, and it won't come back on until I remove and return the batteries.  The batteries themselves are fine.  Any remedies or is the remote shot?  Is it the tiu?
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#1 no it's most definitely not the TIU, it is locally at the remote. I can say this with confidence since unlike lionel CAB2, the DCS remote is the database of all your engines. It does not depend on a TIU to boot up or access it for information stored and displayed on the remote. It will power completely on it's own without a TIU being present.

#2 The problem is likely very simple- a known issue is the battery holder area and the battery cover can allow the batteries to move and lose contact with the battery terminals. Again, the foam on the back battery cover of the remote may not be enough to ensure 100% of the time the batteries are not moving and losing contact.

I would do 2 things:

#1 remove all the batteries, clean the contacts. On top of cleaning them, since they are just pressed into slots- ensure they are full seated down is that slot.

#2 possibly add foam to the battery cover or there was a 3d printed piece I thought at one time that aided this.

MTH sells 2 major parts:

#1 the entire back cover with battery contacts- if your got corroded or damaged from previous battery leakage. BG5000003

#2 the battery cover IH4000000


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Also, see this previous topic

3D part printed reference in the above topic designed by @Dave Hikel

Yep, that's been the go-to fix for years.  However, it had the tendency to eventually break the remote battery cover latch.  The reason I like Dave Hikel's battery holder is it doesn't put pressure on the battery cover, and still solves the problem.

@jps32016 posted:

I've tried it by taping the cover shut and cover off while firmly holding the batteries in place.  Why would it cut off immediately upon pushing a button?

Most common issue is weak batteries, as soon as you draw more current, it shuts down.  First step is to install fresh batteries.

If you're missing the screw that holds the case halves together, that might also happen.

Hi also the springs sometime get bent sideways and keep popping of the battery tip you need to strength the spring but make sure you strength the springs straight out you do not want any angle otherwise they'll pop off the battery tip to hold them tight against the battery and especially as Barry said you need foam to keep the batteries centered in place!

also sometimes the push rubber pads are worn out and don't make contact mth still sells the rubber pads but if you don't know how to separate the remote you can permently damage the lcd screen or board!



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As I said I don't think it's the batteries.  The contacts and springs are clean and aligned.  It has been dropped and I have opened it on occasion to check.  The lower board was loose and I pushed it back in to the upper board.  This has been a gradually increasing problem, even while firmly holding the batteries in by hand.  The fact the screen now always goes blank when a certain action is pressed is the issue.  Internal damage?  Hate the thought of replacing it, if one can even be found.

Thanks.  I think that's it.  May be a while before I can get back to the layout because it's in a museum some distance away.  I set speed and it shaved a few seconds off the non-tiu response.  Then I replaced the Rayovacs with high performance rated batteries and now it's responding without blanking out.  Holy cow was that the problem?  I never heard of battery rating being an issue.

@jps32016 posted:

By the way the latest software update I have is 5.0.  Is 6.1 a significant improvement?  If it's mainly about WiFi I don't need it.

You are missing features and fixes

Version 6.10 New Features

  • Added Record/Playback In Super Mode
  • Required For Wi-Fi DCS Premium App (Build 2.0.1 iOS and 2.0.2 Android)

Version 6.10 Fixes

  • Addressed numerous fixes resolved with release of DCS WiFi Premium App (Build 2.0.1 iOS and 2.0.2 Android)

Previous 6.XX Version Releases, Features and Fixes

Version 6.00 New Features

  • Added Legacy and TMCC Features Including Lash Ups
  • Required For Wi-Fi DCS Premium App

Version 6.00 Fixes

  • Improved "Quiet Packet" Performance To Help Ensure Locomotives Are In DCS Mode When Track Power Is Applied
  • Improved Record/Playback Performance When Switches and Accessories Are Included
  • General Performance and Stability Enhancements

Previous 5.XX Version Releases, Features and Fixes

Version 5.00 New Features

  • Added DCS WiFi Support

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