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I never had a DCS remote or used one. I went straight to the WIU and app to save a few bucks at the time.

I dig the app! It's effortless and I never have problems. But the way you have to move through windows on my phone means some combinations are out of reach. I'm specifically talking about the labored chuff and the whistle.

Does the remote resolve this issue? Can I press any button combo or will I need to swap between screens on the LCD to access labored chuff and whistle?

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The labor switch on the remote is a rocker style with dual purpose.

The whistle is dedicated switch just for that (white W/H button). However when you select playable whistle, the thumbwheel controls it. The app is better with the playable whistle in my opinion. By depressing the thumbwheel on the remote when playable whistle is active, it toggles between speed control and whistle control. So that helps a lot!

The whistle on the app is on the front engine control screen. So your question part 2 confuses me a bit?

Look up the DCS remote and you can see these controls!

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