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Recently installed MTH DCS version 4.0 equipped. Everything seems to work well except the remote frequently gets "locked " up. Meaning I cannot control any engine functions and I am forced to restart the remote by removing batteries and then  restart block transformer . Any reason for this to happen?? How can I correct this happening...Thanks for any help..........

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If you have 2 different versions of software for example, the remote may ask the TIU to do something that it can't. 4.2 was better than 4.0 I seem to remember.

Certain versions of DCS have had bugs. I believe 4.0 was one of those. One version had trouble bringing engines out of the inactive list for example.

 No matter what, upgrade your software. You should also tether your remote to see if you knocked lose the transponder boards.

Yes you can. You have to load the most current DCS loader onto your computer. You have to have the correct cables. Is your TIU an older version or does it have the USB port?

You download the software from that MTH link above. You connect the cables and the TIU to the computer and click download. It will do the rest. You have to have the correct drivers in your computer.

 You then disconnect the stereo jumper cable, connect the 4 wire handset cable to the remote and the TIU's remote jack, and again load the software, this time into the remote. The biggest thing there is you have to depress the power button on the remote and hold it when instructed to do so. There have been posts about using a clamp. I just hold it myself.

 Here's the DCS loader app and the instructions for all this:

You can also contact your local service station to do it for you. (or a local DCS friend?)


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