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Has anyone experienced a remote not seeing all the  engines or stating some of the engines are inactive when I am able to "see" them all with the DCS WiFi app?  I have been having erratic communication with the Remote for some time.  The TIU is Rev L and was purchased in January of 2018.  All software is up to date, 6.1, on TIU and Remote.  I have replaced the remote batteries.  I have even used a cord for the remote.  I have a small simple setup.  Is there a chance that the TIU and or the remote is just bad?  I am ready to just purchase a new TIU.

Has anyone ever seen this?

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Since no one has replied here I'll give it a try. At least you'll get a 'bump' anyway.

The transceiver boards becoming loose in the remote is a somewhat common problem. It can happen over time from the remote being jostled around. Which cord did you use for the remote to TIU tether? It MUST be the phone handset cord (curly one) for things to work properly. If your wifi unit (WIU) connects and works through to the TIU, I would think that would rule out any problems with your TIU, but the TIU also has a transceiver board so that could still be a possibility as well. Especially if you have recently handled (moved, etc.) the TIU, but this is possibly less common as the remote gets a lot more handling. 

rtr12 posted:

 It MUST be the phone handset cord (curly one) for things to work properly

& make sure it has all 4 wires

I believe some have only two

Is this the same TIU that you're using with the app? If it is, it's probably OK. Still might have the loose board though?

I agree that the remote is the more likely one to have a loose transceiver board. We tend to smack that around a bit more with rough handling.

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