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The remote for my DCS system goes blank every 3 to 5 minutes. I have to press the  on /off button and wait for it to boot up. It becomes annoying when you are running trains and you lose control till you can turn it back on. I have tried changing the batteries and it does not help.I have tried 3 different brands of batteries.

Has anyone else had this problem or can someone suggest a solution?


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I have had that problem intermittently.  It is almost always in the TIU.  Try the simple checks first.  Make sure none of the TIU fixtures are getting hot on you.  Next, check all your leads into the fixed and variable ports.  Mostly, this will solve the problem for me.  Somehow and mysteriously, things get loose or you find a connection that isn't tight enough.   TIU's are too sensitive to these things, but, when they work, it's fabulous.  

Next, are you getting "check track" messages from your remote?  These may indicate that your track is not getting enough power for a myriad of reasons.   The guys will usually recommend you trying the aux port for powering up the TIU with a RS 18/24 adapter.


I am not the guru, but I don't think the TIU can have anything to do with your problem. There is a time out setting for the remote; check that first. Also, put more foam on the battery cover to keep the batteries firm in the case. If your batteries are low, the remote will show BAT, so you should be able to rule that out. One other possibility is that hte board is not totally mated. I think that is describe in Barry's book.


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It is almost always in the TIU.

On the contrary, this is never the TIUs issue. You should disregard that statement and the rest of that post.

John (post above this one) has it almost right. However, it has nothing to do with a floating transceiver board. There is a section that discusses the problem of a remote turning off on page 155 of The DCS Companion 3rd Edition:

  • If the DCS remote tends to turn itself off in less than the preset Remote Power Down time (refer to section Part II - DCS Is An Operating System for Your Trains!, DCS Menus, System Menu, Remote Setup) there could be a problem with its batteries. If the display shows a (BAT) or simply fades out, replace the 4 AAA batteries with fresh Alkaline or fully charged rechargeable batteries. If the DCS Remote turns off when placed down on a hard surface, open the battery compartment and ensure that the foam backing is in place inside the battery compartment door and that the batteries are properly seated in the battery compartment. Note that no loss of data will occur if the batteries are temporarily removed. 


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Thank you for the suggestions, I do not get a message that the batteries are low or any other message. The remote just fades out and I have to press the on button and wait for it to power up again. It happens while I am holding the remote in my hand.   I made sure all the contact points are clean and have no rust or other corrosion on them. I will add more foam to keep the batteries tight. I will advise if the foam solves the problem. I will also check the remote settings.

Thank you for the help.


I do not get a message that the batteries are low or any other message. The remote just fades out

Do you get a "(B)" coming up on the right-hand side of the display? That's the low battery warning.

Regardless, if the display truly gets lighter and fades out over several seconds or more, rather than the remote just abruptly turning off, the batteries need to be replaced or, if they are rechargeable batteries, they need to be recharged.

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