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Hi MartyE,

I have 2 older corded phones with handsets and the connecting cables have 2 conductors.

The plugs on the ends do fit into the TIU and the remote.

I have 4 conductor cords but the plugs on the ends do not fit into the remote.

Are there adapters for my 4 conductor cords that will allow them to work with the remote?

Or, if I search on-line, how do I specify what I am looking for to make sure I get the correct size plug that will fit into the remote?


The 4-conductor cords that don't fit the remote are NOT handset cords.  Handset cords have the RJ9 plug, the ones that don't fit are most likely wall cords with the RJ11 plug.  Almost all the handset cords are coiled, so do a Google Search on telephone handset curly cord, and you'll find tons of choices.  Just make sure you get the cord with all four wires, a few only had two wires as you have discovered.


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