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Any ideas on why I might get 10/10 for signal strength on one ps3, 10/10 on a trailing A of an untethered AA ps2, but 10-out of RF range on the leading A, all when tested separately on the same track?  The primary A is out of RF range for at least 70% of the layout.  I cleaned all the wheelers, pickups, etc.

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I have a new to me 20-2484-1 ABA.  It says in instructions and on MTH website that its PS2 3V and has the requisite charging ports. I have not yet opened the shells.

The B is unpowered and while there are tether ports, there are no tethers between units on ABA.  I removed the B from the test.  I'm guessing this might be some "transition" ABA version where MTH was switching from a tethered application to an independent lashup option.  I can create an A-A lashup and they pair together, but it feels like one of the engines continually miss signals - this is why I decided to check signal strength - example - smoke on/off - sometimes I get both units smoking together.  Have to hit smoke on/off a couple times.  Sometimes one unit responds and the other does not.  One shuts smoke off.  Other stays on.  Seems to run ok, meaning it responds to acceleration/deceleration...just not so much other commands - headlight, smoke, bell, have issues.... whistle and coupler seem ok...but maybe its just luck of the draw where it is on track when I hit the buttons.  But signal strength as a pair was fairly poor.

Decide to test with a NS PS3 to determine is it track, engines, both, etc.  But before I tested, I cleaned the track and cleaned the AA rollers, wheels, etc.  The PS3 was 10/10 over the entire layout running at about speed setting 6.

I then decided to break up the lashup and test the primary 20-2484-1 A UP 1439 by itself.  It improved some - signal was 8-10/10 in a few places, but would randomly drop to RF Out of Range, then bounce back up to 8-10 then back down to RF Out of Range.  Mostly - I'd say 40% - RF out of range.  On just this unit.

I then tested the trailing A UP 1444 by itself.  It had a good 10/10 signal like the NS PS3.  No issues with the "trailing" A.

I'm running Atlas track with 12-gauge bus and 14-gauge drops 8" max every 3-6' or so.  Single TIU, I believe Rev. L, but haven't checked, powered by lionel bricks.

I'm assuming its not the track/wiring/setup/etc. as I get solid signals tracking with the other two engines...

I also took some photos of the primary A unit 1439.  IMG_8687IMG_8688


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