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MTH did announce a new DCS model which incorporates WiFi into the TIU eliminating the use of the handheld device.

But who knows if or when it will be available. 

If you need a DCS system now expect to pay around $550.00 or more on the Bay otherwise see if any MTH dealers have the new model on order and pre order.

Good Luck !


Very astute of you to recognize that a cell phone can also be referred to as a handheld device.  In the above case however, I was referring to the original handheld controller, which after the rumored next run will no longer be available.

As I'm sure your aware, there're  some members of this forum that prefer the original DCS handheld device and would rather not use there Smart Phone or tablet to control there trains.  A standard phone or cell phone (non-smart phone) is not capable of preforming the needed task, therefore, people without a Smart Phone or Tablet would incur an additional, rather large expense to acquire the needed equipment.

Hence the reference to a handheld device.

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