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Hello All,

I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue. I've seen similar posts with fasttrack switches, but these are gargraves switches that seem to only have this issue when a DCS signal is on the rails (i.e. this does not happen in conventional/no TIU powered to the track). In summary, when in DCS mode, I have two O-42 switches connected to each other as a crossover. Every single time the train (any car with a pickup roller) goes over the track with the non-derailing wire, the opposite switch is thrown. in some way, the DCS signal appears to be grounding the isolated rail with the pickup roller? Is this possible?

Relevant to point out the the switches are powered from a common buss and the grounds are close to each other on the buss line, but again, this does not happen without a DCS signal. I suppose I could just cut one of the curved rails in the middle of the crossover to create a ground that is not touched unless the train is truly moving on that rail (i.e the pickup roller cannot hit it in a pass-by), but before I cut the rail on a curve, I figured I'd see if anyone of you has had the issue and how you may have remedied it. I'm a bit of a novice with all this stuff! Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


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Thanks Gerald. It is the roller which is contacting the insulated turnout rail. I'm actually surprised it hasn't caused any other issues since it is creating a momentary short. My only assumption is that the DCS signal (which is two way from TIU>Loco and Loco>TIU) is creating a 'ground' or outlet for the hot rail. I've remedied it by isolating a section of the curved fixed rail, but the 0-42 switches are so small that an insufficiently grounded locomotive will struggle through the turnout because of the amount of plastic at the crossing. Thus, I'm replacing them with 0-72's. Thanks again!

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