Just yesterday I received the DCS Explorer Wifi receiver that I bought on ebay.  Connected it to the track and to my Z1000, plugged it in, went on my phone, found it on my home server and connected, went to ap store and downloaded MTH ap, connected, added my loco which it immediately recognized, and Ran My Train.  20 minutes tops!  Had some fun playing and getting use to running with my phone, but considering my iPhone is never more than 2 feet from me 24/7 it was a piece of cake.  I'm hooked.  Can't wait to buy a second PS2 or 3 equipped loco to run at the same time.   I shut it off a few times and reengaged the ap, and I love the one touch Run My Trains button.  Doesn't get much more simple, and I honestly don't have time for fuss.  

One other thought... I've read a lot over the years about getting youth more engaged in the hobby.  Skies the limit when you start integrating trains with phone driven aps.   Makes it easy for kids who know there way around a smart phone.  Also... i envision a day when I look down at my phone which is running my train, and it will give me a drivers view from the cab of my locomotive via built in camera's.   We are just scratching the surface with technology and trains.  

That's my two cents.  I have no doubt that Lionel's system is easy as well, it just came down for me what horse I chose to ride.  Started with a MTH RTR set, and so that's the horse I'll ride.  

Happy Trains.




It usually works, but you really should update all of them to the same version.  I've used mixed versions, but sometimes odd things happen doing that.

I use both but will not use wifi from either Lionel or MTH even though when I hooked up the wifi it was easy and it worked, issues seem to pop up allot more then it should. 

Though I have legacy I use the tmcc 1 remote, it does everything I need it to do. Maybe I'll get the legacy system one day but right now I'm not in a hurry. 


romiller49 posted:

When the remotes are gone, I’ll go back to conventional. With my Legacy Cab ll l use it like a movable around the room transformer. Speed, direction and coupler is all I ever use. 

Speed (with cruise control), direction, coupler, whistle, bell and crew sounds are all a lot of operators use. I think that's why the LionChief Plus product line is popular. Separate remote, easy to use, fewer problems, and has all the features many operators want, without the stuff they'll never use.

gunrunnerjohn posted:
Mike Wyatt posted:
My guess:  the decision to not invest in developing a new "permanent" solution to keep the remote will hurt MTH.  Lionel SEEMS to be reacting similarly in a way- with the non-inclusion of a remote in the LionChief Plus 2.0 product line- but they still have the Universal Remote to cover their "bases".

Well, Lionel hasn't discontinued the "remote" for the LC+ 2.0 line, it's called Legacy CAB2, Legacy Lite CAB1L, or the LC Universal Remote!   You can even still find tons of the old TMCC command bases and remotes in the used market. 

For separate sale locomotives, neither Lionel or MTH provides a remote, you have to have the matching command system.  For sets, Lionel's answer is the plain LC product, for MTH, it's the WiFi Explorer.

It's also notable that Lionel has a universal answer for an inexpensive real physical remote for all the LC and LC+ locomotives, it's called the Universal Remote, street price $30-35.  With the demise of the MTH remote, the ONLY way to control their command stuff will be a smart phone or tablet.  My personal opinion is MTH is not doing themselves any favor not having any physical remote for their command system.  Time will tell if my opinion counts for anything.

I had 4 locos converted to DCS this year (thanks Gunrunnerjohn). 1 is MTH, the other 3 Williams. I now have a total of 6 DCS-equipped locos, and aside from supplies needed to keep these locos running, I'm not buying anything else from MTH until I see what happens with the remote control issue. I set a goal to convert these engines because I run them a lot and then stop. Modern trains are secondary to my primary interest anyway, which is prewar tinplate, but there are still some modern items I wouldn't mind owning. However, now that these locos are done, I'm going to wait and see what happens with MTH after the phasing out of the remote before I buy anymore of their equipment. Bottom line, like many here, I don't want to run my trains with a phone. 


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I'm not surprised that they switched to apps on mobile devices. Just about everyone has a smartphone that's 1000x more powerful than dedicated remotes. It gives them greater flexibility to add or modify features in a GUI or change GUI's altogether.


To be honest I find the DCS app easier to use. I've used it several times and it's much, much easier to navigate than the remote. In fact I plan on picking up a WIU at some point in the near future. The only advantage to the remote is that one can operate it by feel. Other than that the app is superior in almost every way.

I should note I'm in my early 30's, if that makes a difference to anyone. 

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