What is the difference between the DCS WiFi Unit and the DCS Explorer? I just started unpacking my stuff to start setting up my layout again after the basement flood and opened up my DCS WiFi Unit and noticed it was different than what I've been seeing on the forum. My DCS WiFi Unit is black and the DCS Explorer is gray. Is there an advantage of having one over the other? Thanks in advance for your help. I am way behind on what on what has been happening. Thanks again.

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The explorer is a self contained 6 amp max single TIU channel unit with wifi. It comes with new starter sets.

The WIU is just for making the TIU (4- 10amp channels) work with WIFI as shown above in Gary's pic.

you might read thru this:


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Thing now is I see my TIU's don't have USB ports to connect my WiFi unit to.

No problem. Just use a USB to serial converter cable, like this one that I bought at Amazon.

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