Dealers of Vintage AF?

Trying to jog my memory here...I know of John Heck in WI but wasn't there a long time dealer of quality AF and parts?  Levinson Hardware or something like that. I can't find the name so I must be off a bit but he would send product lists out.  I think it was in WA state.  Any others I am missing?



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For the biggest variety I use Doug Peck at Port Lines. There is also RFG out of New York. I also use Jeff Kane at The Train Tender. Leventon's used to be the biggest dealer especially of Pre War parts, but I believe Al passed away some years ago and the family does not make the trains and parts a priority. I also use Olsens for some parts especially Pre War Gilbert O.



Fred Jester was one of the biggest and when Fred died Barry took over but he only sells to dealers like Doug Peck or myself. Barry makes hundreds after market parts and are readily available again through a dealer. 

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