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I use Ralph D'Alessandro in Brooklyn.  He does business on eBay as Radtrains.  If you do an eBay search on "Lionel 180-181-182 decals", you will find him.  He has  a couple of hundred sets of decals for prewar Lionel, Ives and AF.  I just bought the 180-181-182 set from him - $12.50.

BUT WAIT UNTIL June 1.  He's on vacation and his site returns 0 entries today.

I've bought many set from him.  A good supplier.

@Strummer posted:

I have a couple cars I'm going to "restore" and will need lettering for them.

I've done a general online search which has come up empty; suggestions?  Thank you.

Mark in Oregon

I  use o GAUGE decals and they look good on standard gauge cars. I've done a lot of cars this way and posted many pictures here on the forum if you want to see how they look.  I've included a few pictures below.20201128_210008


NH9 side


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  • 20201128_210008
  • 20211110_181241
  • NH9 side

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