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I have a Lionel GN FARR 1d Tankcar, and the GN decals are lifting off the tank. I have tried a thin smear of rubber cement, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas as to how to get them to re-adhere to surface of tank? Thanks.3C55ECC5-0C0A-41BD-9B0F-C699EAD3D0EBEBC1C08F-D0F4-41E0-A8D0-79FB4A99DCD3


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I've used Testors Clear Parts Cement, s/n 281217, in situations such as this...

Clear Parts Cement Link

Dries clear.

A drop should be sufficient for this decal.  Excess that oozes out can be wiped cleanly with a cotton swab before it dries.

Tames a lot of lifting edges situations in my experience.

Just another choice, of course.


BTW...I'd first gently clear out the residual rubber cement.

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Given this is a sticker; Tom’s suggestion of thinned white glue would work. Alternatively, Elmer’s clear glue would also work.

Although not applicable in this instance, I would suggest caution when using Microsol setting solution on an old decal. This stuff also functions as a decal remover by dissolving old decals. This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.


This is approx. 1 day after application of Hob-E-Tac. Results are meh. A sincere thank you to Chris. I think if I had been able to hold firm pressure for a sustained period of time, this product would’ve worked better.

Next up, thinned Elmer’s glue all.7047C1AB-6B11-4341-8230-E2AB14C2D2EA80580063-32C6-4EBA-A1CB-BACB011B5A6DBC7E53D6-2625-44A9-AE2A-2A237CE2EC41118D4114-0795-4E94-950C-886BD089C294

Trying a 2nd application of Hob-E-Tac. Necessity, the mother of….


A velcro strap; hopefully provides enough pressure to keep the edges down.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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The original adhesive was the clear pressure-sensitive type. The adhesive residue itself is part of the problem with getting it to stick again with anything else. You're fighting with not only the adhesive that let go on the surface of the car, but it's also slowly letting go of the sticker material as well. So you get part of it down, and then more of it lets go under the tension of the curved surface and a sticker that wants to flatten out.

Here's another option to try -- 3M makes a spray adhesive which lays down clear... Permatex also makes a version of the same product, I believe. Normally you spray at least one surface, let it stand for a minute or less to get tacky (it lets most of the solvent flash off) and then apply. (Applying to two surfaces makes for an even stronger bond.) It dries transparent and with no significant buildup, just like the old pressure-sensitive adhesive. Spray some onto a metal can lid or clean, smooth flexible plastic lid (like some butter tubs or Pringles cans have). Make a nice puddle of the adhesive. Then use a little foam applicator -- the kind used for eye makeup -- and/or wooden toothpick to pick up some of the adhesive and work some onto the surface of the sticker that's lifting. Wait 30 seconds to a minute and then squeeze it down, wiping away any excess that squeezes out carefully. The excess tends to stick to fingers really well, so wipe your fingers well before you go back and squeeze more out. Unless the sticker is really determined to curl away, it should stay down and the adhesive will set.

For stickers where the whole of the pressure-senisitve adhesive is giving up/drying out completely, the 3M/Permatex spray adhesives work well as a replacement. Clean off the old adhesive from the label and the surface it was stuck to, then spray on the new adhesive and apply.

You're already down the road, and what you've done may work, another idea is to try Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue. These products really stick. Apply with a toothpick. If any excess creeps out (although that probably won't be a problem is applying carefully with a toothpick), they say it can be cleaned up simply with a paper towel and some warm water. Even if dry, Goo Gone will take care of it, too. Your velcro rig would be fine to hold it down for the short drying period. For something a little simpler, my guess is that blue painter's tape also would hold the sticker down fine for drying. and wouldn't hurt the sticker.

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