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The original listing is below, I also need to find a home for this 120/ 24 vac transformer. pay for shipping or I will meet you at York.


I removed power supplies from several old desktop computers to get dc for layout applications and this one is an orphan.  It is 240 watts from a Dell desk top and supplies 12 and 5 VDC.  I don't see 3.3V on it. The plugs are non ATX standard and are 6 pins and 4 pins.  These wires are easy enough (only 10 wires) to cut and use with your own terminal board if you don't want to try to match the plugs.  The 115v connector is included.  I would like to see it help someone on their layout so the price is right- pay for shipping, it only weighs a few pounds so for most folks, my guess is that shipping should be less than $12, I am in zip 22947.

Email is in my profile if you want to give this power supply a go on your layout.  102_8036102_8035


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