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@Richizzle07 posted:


Only a few minor updates to report on the layout. I secured all the remaining track on the first level in the area of the closet extension. I once again used zip ties to help prevent with the sound being transferred into the plywood.

As you can see in the first photo above, I also drilled and installed the feeder wires for the track power. Added a few more since I’m going to have isolated track sections throughout the yard extension. At the end of the yard I simply installed spade connectors in the tracks and draped the feeder wires over the back edge in the closet.D2C60009-491B-47B2-BB48-3E10A35D3314

More updates to come down the line! Happy Railroading Everyone!

Rich- nice progress. The tie-wraps are a good idea. Looks like you are keeping your credit card busy too.

One word of caution regarding the spade connector on the center rail. Just make sure it's not going to touch the tie or you will have a dead short in no time.


@Steamfan77 Thanks Andy for the compliments and kind words. I really wouldn’t have gotten as far or probably even started at all if it wasn’t for this forum. Watching others build their layouts keeps me motivated in my build. I’m only hoping my landscape details are like yours. I don’t see getting into the in-depth scenery anytime soon though. Plus with my amount of adjustments, it might be best until I’m certain especially with the prices on some of the items.

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