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Hopefully we'll get to see Dave demonstrate a 4-Digit Addressing-equipped locomotive running with the Base-3/Cab-3 App. The Class A, Early Challenger, Big Boy, and Triplex all have 4DA (as does the new, upcoming ET44), and now we need a demo of one of those engines and all the new stuff they can do with the new control system. I also want Dave to talk about using the LCS and operating accessories and switches from the Base-3. Looking forward to this livestream and also getting the system in hand (hopefully) this summer.

@Norton posted:

Dave, if you are following this please devote a few minutes to interfacing a TMCC Command base to the Base 3. Many in our club only have Cab1s and I suspect there are many more in the same situation that would like to continue to be able to use it as they do now when a Legacy base is connected to the track.

I won't be able to cover this on the show as it is a little involved, but this is a good subject to put up on the new website. I'll add it to my list to make content for.

@stangtrain posted:

Is there a link for this:  next episode of Demos with Dave ?

On our YouTube page, once I hit the go live button, it'll show up.

Watched most of Dave’s presentation - I thought it was very well done. I’ll have to watch the entire video when I get some free time. The one BIG takeaway (for me anyway) is that, in addition to being able to still use my Cab2’s, the new app will have a version of the red wheel - I’ve never had much luck with the slide speed controls. I guess I’m getting more interested in the Base 3!!!

Great video @Dave Olson. You should direct and star in all the intros for Lionel.

This might be common knowledge but you can submit the new Cab3 app to Apple well in advance to get it approved and still have it not set to release until June 1st. This would allow any back and forth Apple might have to address items before they approve. In dealing with Apple for other apps, this can sometimes take a few iterations before thety approve, especially on new apps or major changes to an existing app. I'd suggest ,if not already done, submit it immediately, as subsequent update submissions after initial approval will be much quicker. Good luck!!

I'm less familiar with Google and their approval process for Android apps.

I was not interested in the new BASE3 system as I run a hybrid system between Lionel and MTH controllers. But after watching this demo I think I may have to order one for the system that I am building.

Dave please spend some time on the new F19 engines coming out in a few months.  I ordered the Halloween version and I hope the sounds are mature and the burnt orange color matches the catalog.  I know colors can be challenging. The key request is you include a 6 chime whistle with a fade away that can be heard on the C/O F19 samples on the web. It is such a haunting sound and I don't think Lionel has captured it in the past.  Thanks!

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