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I took a hurried and expensive road trip to Colorado for this convention, which was huge, as far as dealer hall concerned, with a very realistic "cardboard" centerpiece fullscale 2-8-0. O scale and all? other structure kits were in abundance, well beyond what l find elsewhere.  That Pro Patria mill kit was there, which prompted a stop at the Rico Museum, with the Pro Patria site behind it,  to learn that only a water tower remains. Mobs of people there, so surprised to find no postings here, or did l miss them?

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Aurora NG 191 Mock UPThe 191 at the Narrow Gauge Convention was fabricated using a LOT of extruded foam.  I tapped it with my figernails to see what it was made of.

I agree with you about the structure kits at the NG convention: if Atlas and Lionel weren't hawking their buildings in Denver, several of the smaller manufacturers were.  While many of their products are aimed at more skilled modelers, they do a much better job at depicting structures from earlier eras than many of the latest offerings from Lionel and Menard's.  I'm not knocking Atlas, Lionel or Menard's (They're in business to make money), but not all of us have our layouts set from 1955 to the present day.  And if narrow-gaugers can use O scale structures aimed at three-railers and other broad-gaugers, I don't see why three-railers can't use structures built for the narrow-gauge market.


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  • Aurora NG 191 Mock UP: 12 inch to the Foot scale!
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