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I have 4 TMCC engines, and 3/4 do this. I have not attempted to install a battery in a PRR LionChief 2+ GG1 (2034020). The other 3 have a battery installed, and none have RS continuing with battery in place. The batteries all work in other items. Is there a defeat setting in command that may be carrying over? Does it have anything to do with the run/ program switch? The 3 culprits are D&H RS11 (6-18596), Conrail Dash 8-40 (6-18240), K-Lionel EL RS3 (6-22280). None are Legacy. Thanks for any ideas.

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Mark, is your D&H RS11 the one from around 2001-2003?

Do I assume correctly when you say no Legacy, that implies no Command at all (TMCC)?

Make sure your RUN/PGM Switch is in RUN

Make sure the SND/NO SND Switch is in SND

From what you have written, it appears you do have sounds, but they don't continue as they should when using a battery.

One thing you may check when you have the shell off, as you would to change the battery, is make sure the connector's leads have not become detached from the circuit board.

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