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Continuation of my 2025 rehab I found the white wire detached from the smoke unit when removing the  chest. Not sure where it goes and how it goes to the unit itself! I have been looking for this info but to no avail.
questions will arise to attempt to keep the old gal smoking I do have original pellets!IMG_1432

additionally is there some kind of spring involved (which I don’t see) in this rehab procedure?        
thank you for your help and your patience.


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@Leroof posted:

Currently, after considerable time scraping and sanding I believe I have found the tab to which the power wire is soldered. See photo. Does that look right? Please Advise, do I attempt to solder the wire on the brass tab?

the other side appears to have a nub for ground wire.

Chuck’s got the right answer here, unless you’re **** bent on trying to preserve the original ( lord would only know why ) just buy a new one, ….Chuck could also recommend something to convert it to fluid instead of pill type heater…..unless he says the old flat type works fine for fluid,…


Here is how it is wired courtesy of RichieC:

You can carefully unwind one turn of wire on the element when you disassemble it and solder a new wire or the old one onto it.    Disassemble like Jagrick said.  Clean out the old wax.  My 2026 didn't originally have a piston spring so I added one (small end goes up).  It also didn't have a gasket between the top of the unit and the shell, but when I added one it seemed to tight so I removed it.

I added a tiny piece of fluffed up wick to the chamber without blocking the puff hole and used liquid smoke fluid in it and it works great.


The crazy thing is the shiny metal cap is one that fits “In” not on the unit! It won’t even budge unless there is a secret?  this is mighty stuck or made to survive atomic blasts!
If I can manage to get the cap off I will try the unwind one wire on the element  and solder new power lead.
Thank you John and every one else who responded.

More on this another time.

Well, not sure how reliable (or safe) it will be. It’s only 50 degrees in the basement but I think mission accomplished for now. it smokes and I appreciated the heat! It didn’t heat up right away but patience and  perseverance  today  seems to go a long way.

thanks to all & kudos to Jagrick!!

i did email Jeff @ TT. Just in case this becomes funky.


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