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I have a Lionel (6-34670) C&O GP-9 that is missing the high mount bell on the short hi hood.  Since Lionel is out of this part, and it seems almost imposable to find it, I had to settle on getting a hi mount bell and bracket from "Miniatures by Eric."  The bell and bracket are brass castings that look great.  After trimming and grinding it down a bit so I could mount it I wondered what kind of adhesive I should use to mount it. I will have to paint it first.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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If it has any kind of a spruce on it with a bit of length. Find a die that’s close and put some threads on it.  Secure it with a nut. Just crank it up snug. You can even make your own nut with a piece of brass stock and a tap. Just give it a slight bend so you can move it tight with your finger. This would give you sort of a fender washer. I’ve done a few caboose stacks this way.

Thanks for the info.  I think using an epoxy will work best for my situation since I trimmed off the spruce and ground down the mounting bracket to fit the curvature of the hood.  Does anyone know of a good product for filling any gaps?  This way there is no visible seem or uneven gaps between the hood and bracket.

@John H posted:

Pardon my ignorance, but what the heck is a spruce?

Nice evergreen tree. Gets pretty big. We have one in our back yard, about 50 feet high when we bought the house 37 years ago. Top 12 feet fell in a storm. Next 10 feet keeled over after being hit by lightning. Still growing, though.




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