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I am new to O gauge but I want to slowly collect some New England roadname engines. I like RS11s and RS3s the best, and would like a couple painted for MEC, B&M, BAR, etc. In looking online, it seems that MTH diesel engines don't have separate grab irons on the ends and corners. In HO scale (which I currently model) that is okay, but in O scale I want those details! Who offers nicely detailed (SCALE sized) diesel engines with separate grab irons?


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@BenLMaggi posted:

Is it correct to say that Lionel's scale engines have separate grab irons and MTH's scale engines do not?

Generally speaking...MTH Premier engines will have separately-applied (not molded or cast-in) grab irons.

Some RailKing scale locomotives also have these features...the ALCO RS1 and the SW1 switcher come to mind.  IMO, they are Premier-like engines at RailKing prices.

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Hi, and welcome to O!

Sounds like you're an Alco lover, and you're probably going to want look for...

  • Lionel TMCC & Legacy RS-11s
  • K-line / Williams RS-3s (Same molds; K-Line has TMCC, Williams do not have command)
  • Most of the MTH Premier RS-11s (early ones have cast on grab irons)
  • MTH Railking RS-1s (Not their RS-3s)
  • Atlas Master RS-1s & Trainman RS-3s

Most of these have been done in some NE roads, including Lionel & MTH Premier NYC RS-11s (Albeit in lightning stripes), Atlas NYC, Rutland, Green Mountain, VMR and New Haven RS-1s, Atlas New Haven and B&M RS-3s, Williams CN RS-3s or a K-Line New Haven RS-3.

I hope this helps... YouTube has a lot of videos on the above if you want to hear sounds.  Here are my K-line NYC RS-3 and Lionel TMCC RS-11s...


Thanks, and good luck.

- Mario

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