Charlie and Norm;

Amazing layout - thanks for sharing. To quote John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever“!!!


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Norms the best. Not just the trains, or the scenery, or photography or attention to small details or speed of production or knowledge... well ok, he might be the best.

However, he is a really nice guy and that makes it all worth the while. 

Great job as usual Norm.


I think Jim should be the D3R fashion consultant. That flannel of his will never go out of style!

Glad everyone who came out had a good time. I sure did! Thanks for all the kind words.

To answer Strummer's question - my engines and rolling stock are basically 3RS. After selecting and acquiring mostly RTR engines and rolling stock based on road name and era, ride height is corrected if needed, pilots are fixed if applicable, and body/frame-mounted Kadees are installed for a more scale appearance and better operation. 

OMG, I am so impressed with the detail on that layout!  If you retitled the video as a early 50's film, it wouldn't be questioned!  Other than the clarity of the images.  The detail down to the weeds !  Just so phenomenal. 

The video is great as well, I find it hard to believe that this was taken at a "monthly meet", It would seem to me that it was a staged event, for a professional recording.  Wonderful job!!  You guys should really be proud!!!!  

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