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Dear All,

It's been a while since I posted anything, since I have been getting ready for the convention in Hickory and my clinic there. As part of that clinic, I built a model of the Diamond Bar, the bar and brothel [although by the time it was abandoned, it was a gas station] in Como, Colorado, across the road from the DSP&P station.

I backdated my structure to look like what it might have looked like in its heyday as a bar and and establishement for the "fille de joie".

Coincidentally, it was also entered in an online cardstock modeling contest. Since it has now been published there, I figure I can show it to you.


Here's the back:


I won't show the "naughty side" but here's the other.


Here's a link to a photograph of the original Diamond Bar:

I'll be using my model, along with about 4 other structures to show what can be done with cardstock.

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Originally posted by AL CLAIR:
Jim, if you are looking for your blonde at the Diamond Bar, I think she has gotten a job working at Wicked Wanda's on page 47 of issue 252. The locals call her Bouncing Betty. Can any body verifie that? Confused

Greetings from the Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory. I don't have the issue in front of me but have seen the ad before. Indeed, I am sure that is the same figure I used on the Diamond Bar (I doctored mine up a little). Those Arttista figures do get around.


Actually, Al, I used the Diamond Bar as one of three or four examples of cardstock models for the clinic I gave on using cardstock.  I entered a modified Biff's Auto Repair in the contest; finished out of the running.  However, during that week the Diamond Bar won first place in a cardstock modeling contest.  The prize is any structure of my choice being made into a cardstock model.  Clever Models is designing a model of my grandfather's service station (Pennsylvania, c.a. 1936).





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