0307073E-DE5D-434C-B520-365D835D1B5F5D149133-3FF7-4819-9664-82001D897581Just pulled out my California Zephyr cars 6-19122-7 for the first time since I bought them back in the early 90s.  Paired them with Atlas F3 AB 9962   Thought about selling them but probably keep them for fun as they really light up the room

Question is has anyone put diaphragms on these and if so what ones/recommendations?

Not sure if I’m going to or not but it’s such a big gap.  

Thanks in advance 


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Believe it or not the car already has simulated full width diaphrams. They would make contact on the prototype. Lionel's 18" cars have a slightly thicker version that flex. 

Here is the prototype.

Here is the diaphragm from Lionel's 18" car. Not sure the dimensions are the same as the 15" cars though.



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