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Murphy's Law says I can't  find a photo of a Moxiemobile fast, even though I have about a dozen books on vintage automobiles.  Someone on here from New England and familiar with the Moxie "softdrink" (I wonder if Cracker Barrel carries it), will have to

produce a picture.  It was not a make of car, but was a large statue of a horse mounted on various producton automobile chasses (safety freaks would go tilt these

days) to advertise the drink.  Drivers on some sat in the saddle and operated a steering wheel with a long shaft.  I think the idea preceded but is similar to the

Weinermobile.  I have seen the pictures, but not the vehicles or even the drink, but

I will keep looking for them.

Thanks, "645".  I know I have photos in books, and was looking for those....

If they commisioned one on a LaSalle in 1928, that is not the LaSalle, for that is a

1932, if it is not a 1932 Cadillac, as the radiator mascot appears to be.  (a ride in the

rumble seat does not give you the best view of a horse, but one common to people

worldwide before the automobile, however, the exhause is more pleasant)

Originally Posted by Southwest Hiawatha:

I'm kind of surprised that nobody has made a Wienermobile in 1:43 die-cast. Seems to me it would be a natural for collectors. It's a design classic by Brooks Stevens, and if reasonably priced it would appeal to kids - what more could you want? 

my guess is that it's probably more about what Oscar-Mayer wants, ie. licensing fees.


why people who put out product toys, shirts, hats, etc do not seem to consider the free advertising they're getting is beyond me.



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I had a weinermoble when I was young more the size of the bank but where the coin slit is a flat Little Oscar would Bob up and down.

Little Oscar would drive the weinermoble to different stores and hand out samples. I also remember the weinermoble being in parades. I remember being on vacation in the mid to late 70's in NY I think going along the highway and seeing the weinermoble in front of a store and we got off the highway and made our way back to the store so my wife could see it and Little Oscar (she had never seen it before). The last time I remember seeing one was in the 80's or 90's Little Oscar had it infront of Plymouth Meeting Mall (Plymouth Meeting, PA) Little Oscar(?) was handing out weinermoble whissels.

The first two pictures are of the original weinermobles built in Germany I believe, the others with more glass were later models. I like the original ones much better.


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No attention to highjack, just interested in whatever advertising vehciles might be out

there (Canadian beer brewers, LaBatt's,  and others?,  used some modern designed trucks to call attention to their products).  I think I saw the Weinermobile somewhere, once, in passing, but being from the Midwest, and much preferring hamburgers (been years since I had a "hotdog"), I paid little attention.  With desert SW photos of the WM, apparently they get far afield.  As for Moxie, I have been told to think "poi", the

Hawaiian ground/pounded? root staple, which I thought tasted like wallpaper paste, but the original poster probably has wider experience with poi.  Looking at the WM site,

I did not see that they are offering, even for sale, a model of the vehicle, which would appear to be a current marketing oversight.

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