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Like the title says, is there anything like the brass piper in o gauge?  I recently realized I don't have any American Flyer or Ives trains.  I would like to work towards acquiring some either original or repro.  Thing is, I really don't know anything about them. I like tinplate steam, shinier the better, don't really care for the electrics. 

As a novice in this nitch, where can I find some reference info?


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  Yes, there is.  Actually there are a number of O gauge Flyer engines that match the brass piper look.  As for references, you can find a very long thread over at the other place on just this subject.  Its title is "Prewar American Flyer Pictures- An Invitation".  It's been running and contributed to for about 9 years - lots of pictures and information and it is currently on page 2.  Greg Turinetti, one of the regulars here on the Tinplate Forum got it up and running.

it depends... if you're looking for the signature brass cooling pipes on the Wide Gauge models, the answer is no, but in the late 30's Flyer did make some Atlantic and a Pacific types with a basically similar outline, many with some brass (or maybe copper?) details.

tough book to find, but the best reference for Flyer O...

Greenberg Flyer PreWar



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  • Greenberg Flyer PreWar
Steve "Papa" Eastman posted:

The 3322 type would be a nice one. Could probably add a few your of cooling pies with some brass rod to get the "piper" look.



Thanks Papa!  That is a fine looking piece.  It's too bad none of the O gauge engine had the extra piping detail.  I saw a picture of a repro in an MTH catalog from a few years ago and I still think about it.  I have made a commitment however to stick with 3 rail O gauge.  I already have more trains than I could ever possible run at once, so it's time to be a bit more focused go forward.  It's been a long time since I was actually looking for a specific item.  

I have a Marx CV that works well ( It should - you fixed it up). I have my first Lionel set from my Child hood most intact, and a 249E that works well.  Plenty of misc MTH, K-Line, Lionel, even a fair number of weaver cars.  I've got a couple Atlas pieces, some Menard's, some Intermountain kits waiting for a round tuit to arrive, but no Flyer and no Ives.  So since I have such a varied mix of manufactures I think it's time to start rounding out the roster.  The 3322  you provided a picture of looks great.  

First I thin some research is in order, after all I have a Halloween layout to build!

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