I was continuing my Kadee conversion on my now obsolete NS OCS passenger train and was doing the dome car.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took it apart to notice Military personnel in the lower dome.  I never noticed that before.

Kadee's look good.  But it's killing me to take a rotary cutter to these trucks so the Kadee's fit and the truck can swing.  No going back now.

I think I'm having fun...



"I'd rather be lucky than good"


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Jim Brenner posted:

When I saw OCS on this thread, my first thought was Officer Candidate School and the military figures made sense. So, if OCS does not refer to the Benning School for Boys, what does it mean?

Office Car Special.  It’s what NS calls their executive train.

...or use to call.


"I'd rather be lucky than good"

Yes,  I have those figures in my car as well.  I contacted MTH and suggested that given all of the military stuff that they are producing, they ought to offer sets of military figures to go along with those.  I received the following response “...... We certainly appreciate your interest in our offerings and have passed your suggestion onto our Marketing and Sales teams.  Who knows, you just might see these items appear in a future M.T.H. catalog!”   I hope they do so as I’d like to add figures to my passenger cars as well as maybe something for the military flat cars parked on a siding.    

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