I just read that something like in the 50's or end of it.... some real  passenger train s  did away with the observation so that it did not have to turn them around  for the return trip.I was wondering if our Lionel  Santa Fe red stripe  2500 series would of been using that practice with out the observation car..txs daniel

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ATSF did do away with the "boat tail" observation cars -- at least on all-coach trains -- supposedly for that reason. Cross-country sleeper trains ended up being sent to the coach yard for cleaning and re-supply. At LAUPT (Union Station), the platform tracks were fed through a wye, one leg of which led to the coach yard and San Diego, so the train could easily be turned when being placed at the platform for the next trip out. I'm not sure where UP's coach yard was located, but SP's coach yard was also south of the terminal near Santa Fe's so turning those trains wouldn't have been a big deal either.

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bob2 posted:

Did Santa Fe actually have red stripe passenger cars?

Nope....not as the toy train makers have created...

The Valley Flyer silver w/red-yellow-black stripes on the bottom edge of the heavyweight car sides was the closest to a 'fancy' passenger car paint job...with a steam engine paint job to complement.

I'd attach photos.....but the copyright issues regarding attached photos on the forum suggests the better thing to do is have you do your own search......'Santa Fe Valley Flyer images'.




First off all Santa Fe lightweight/streamlined passenger equipment was solid stainless steel. They never had any red stripes.

The Super Chief, Chief, and El Capitan had round end cars till different times. The Super Chief and Chief had them till 1954. Then Santa Fe sent the round end cars to Pullman to have them turned into blunt end cars. Those lasted from 1955-1958, when they were removed from both trains, with just a regular sleeping car bringing up the rear. Here's a photo of the Super Chief from 1957 at LAUPT with a blunt end observation car: https://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=366306

El Capitan kept the round end observation car till 1956, when the entire trainset was replaced with Hi-Level equipment. 

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