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I am trying to get a diesel rail sounds board like this to work with the hall sensor...

I have a rail sounds steam tender and when I put the diesel board into it I do not get any of the increased sounds(it just sounds like it is sitting idle)... Does anyone know if there is there a different sensor or magnet configuration that causes the diesel to increase the speed sound?

thanks for any help...


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Well for one thing, that circuit board is NOT Railsounds. That board is Trainsounds- a limited feature board- so you follow the pinout and connection guide for Trainsounds

Edit, just trying to make sure when searching the forum, you use the right name of the very board you are trying to connect so you get accurate relevant results.


My local Train Shop lent me a Trainsounds Tender.  I traced out the wiring which is shown below.  Should be the same for a diesel without the Chuff.

Thanks again!

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I have the wiring from the tender and it is working fine with the chuff...I swap the board with the diesel one and I just can't seem to get the diesel increased speed is just sitting at idle sound ...that's why i am wondering if it is any different setup as far as hall sensor and magnets for a diesel sound board...


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