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I have 4 items for sale. First, I have two 2 Rail Atlas PRR SD-35 Diesel units, number 6018 and 6025, with DCC. Both units have been put on the track maybe 3 times for testing and to see how they pull cars. They run great! Both come in original boxes which are in great shape as well as shippers. 
I have attached pictures of the #6018 and the second pic shows where the front steps were broken off. I still have the piece and it's nothing a little glue won't fix. I don't want to do this prior to shipping. The other unit is without flaw and simply has has a different road number so I chose not post it. However, if you are interested I can send pics. Asking $325 for one unit and $600 for both, plus shipping.

I have a 2 track truss bridge made by a company called Miami Valley Products. It is a wonderful bridge with some rivet detail. One side of the bottom of the bridge is lose and simply needs reattached. Additionally the paint job wasn't quite finished on one of the corners. Again no biggie. I have provided pictures for your review. Asking $225 plus shipping.

I also have an MTH 2 stall engine shed. Both box and structure are in good shape. Asking $85 plus shipping. Please respond by email provided on profile page or post goes bye bye. I prefer PAYPAL but if you choose this method please use friends/family or you will need to add 3%. Money Orders will work as well.



For Sale 2 Rail SD35 #1

For Sale 2 Rail SD35 #2

For Sale 2 Rail SD35 #3

For Sale 2 Rail SD35 #4Bridge For Sale #3

Bridge For Sale #1

Bridge For Sale #2

Bridge For Sale #4

For Sale MTH Engine Facility


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