Hi Folks.  I just bought my first PS2 engine off of ebay. (Been a postwar guy for years) I just Couldn't pass up an S-2 for $140.


Now I'm looking at getting DCS for my layout and and am a bit confused, especially between what the operational differences are between PS1 & PS2 & PS3 (And, I suppose "Locosound").  What it looks like to me is that PS1 engines aren't command control?


(I've had a PS3 HO K4-S running on DCC since they first came out, so I'm mostly familiar with PS3 under DCC.)


As I build my O gauge engine collection, I just want to make sure I buy stuff that all works together.

You'd think this would be an easy answer to find, but it seems to be one of those "Common knowledge" things amongst those who grew through the transitions.  But for those of us completely new to MTH products, its kind of hard to find.

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MTH PS2 and PS3 engines are capable of operating in command mode under DCS. All other MTH engines are conventional engines, only.


This and a whole lot more is all in MTH’s “The DCS Companion 3rd Edition", available for purchase from many fine OGR advertisers and forum sponsors, or as an eBook or a printed book at MTH's web store!

PS1 is the original Protosound.  It is not a command control system, just a sound-equipped conventional loco with a few additional functions. LocoSounds is its lower-cost cousin (synthesized rather than digitized sound FX) that took the place of the earliest electronic-horn-only locomotives.


Protosound 2 is employs the Digital Command System (DCS) in conjunction with better and more intricate sound/lighting effects .


Protosound 3 also operates under DCS, but has an even wider set of features, can operate on DC or AC, and includes DCC electronics for compatibility with 2-rail command control systems (some locomotives come in two-rail versions, others can be converted back and forth with a separate-sale wheelset kit)


Both Protosound 2 and 3 can be operated conventionally, both systems look for a telltale signal emitted by the DCS control box (Track Interface Unit, or TIU) to determine whether to power-up in conventional or command mode.




   Sense you are just getting into DCS, when you purchase the DCS package, also purchase Barry's DCS O Gauge Companion book and the OGR Video Guide to DCS, these two learning formats will help you greatly as you learn and build your DCS layout. They remove a giant learning curve and help eliminate a lot of the big time frustration when building.  Then always come back to get help here on the OGR forum, the people here are big time knowledgable on DCD/Legacy.  I just added Legacy to my long time DCS Christmas layout and I just love it.  Eventually you will probably run the dual package also, a way cool operational set up.





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