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Hello all,

I decided to get back into hobby railroading during the coming winter months and i had a question regarding two baby K4s lionel produced in 2005 and 2008.

In 2005, model 6-38089 stated a min radius of O-27.

In 2008, model 6-38642 stated a min radius of O-31.

Looking at the discrpitions, both models seem to have the same features (actually the 2008 doesn't have TMCC  while 2005 does) and other than numbering appear to be the same. But i thought maybe ya'll might have some understanding of if something changed that would make one run different from the other.

I have a very small space to run trains in my home so if i have to get one model over the other its ok, would just make finding one a little easier if i could find either!

Thank you all,


Link to 6-38089

Link to 6-38642

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I believe they're the same mechanically.  I suspect that when Lionel was pushing Fastrack in 2008, they decided to make that the minimum requirement to maybe get people to replace O27 track.  Needless to say, all things being equal, I'd go for the TMCC model.  It'll run in conventional mode, but you can also upgrade your environment to run it in command mode.

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