Differences weathering makes on PRR Sharks

As I was weathering a set of Lionel sharks tonight I thought why not show everyone just how weathering changes a model. You usually always just see the weathered model, so here is a somewhat side by side. It brings the models to life in my opinion. 



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I like 'em both....I still like the fresh new look of an engine when first purchased...the crisp colors and lettering just pop and look great...yet.... You have done a fine job weathering this model...it does look GREAT!!!.....wish I had enough $$$ to always buy 2 models.....weather one and keep one as is.....anyhow you did a very nice job without going overboard.....weathered model looks like something we would see on the rails in real life....

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Very nice. I struggle with 'whether' to take the plunge and begin weathering some of my equipment as it does look great -  but like Joe above, I still like the factory fresh look with the colors and shine.

I purchased this weathered Dash 8 awhile back and am still on the fence about it...



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Great-looking Shark.


"Just painting the trucks in a flat grimy black make a huge difference on most diesels."

Absolutely - cheap thrills as a weathering start - don't forget the fuel tank.

For example:

This Weaver FA-2 was painted black and decaled by me - it's un-weathered but I painted the trucks, etc., a "weathered black", AKA spray automobile primer from O'Reilley's or Wal-Mart, and so on. (The Rust-O-Leum version is a "light black".) 

I use Bragdon's powders for weathering, which is what this loco needs to dirty it up and bring the sheet metal and the trucks together visually.



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