There is an option to say you read it.  Once clicked it doesn't come back.  At least it worked for me.

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I have been a OGR print subscriber for years. Last month I signed up for the Digital Library. I have not been able to access the Library and I am not able to login into my print account with my email address and password. The system does no recognize my email address?

How do I get this fixed?


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Every time I try to watch a video in full screen, the video starts out in full screen and then collapses io nothing and I'm back to the video library.  Video appear to run correctly if I don't go to full screen.  I'm running Firefox 60.02.


Hi Rich and Alan,  the OGR digital subscription is an tremendous  value, given the fact that all of the print magazines are available to download in PDFs  back to 2009 is fantastic. On long flights. i download them  to my computer and read the back issues.  I am sure the videos will grow into a substancial archive as well.  Thanks,   

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Guys does the Digital Subscription also include the paper copy of the magazine or is it a separate subscription?


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Team Ridley posted:

how are the video's included with this deal?

By going to the new OGR Video Digital Library.

gunrunnerjohn posted:

How do I download the PDF file of the current version?  I can't seem to find that option now, I've always done that in the past.

John, nothing has changed. When I open Run 300, I see the download icon and I can download it OK.


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Interesting, glad you got it going. I am pretty sure I don't have JAVA installed, unless something slipped it in somewhere while I wasn't watching. I have been trying to avoid that as well.

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