I think it looks great, and I think that ambulance it probably worth a couple of hundred bucks.  I just found out that a large Dinky plane I have is worth a LOT of money.  Wish I would have kept all my toys in good shape!


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 In England folks go for the toy in the box a lot more if it is an origonal


 they can be worth very good money to tell the truth that one was a good deal and to have the little bits included is brill for it's age most kids loose them after time.I never knew it had a what you call the gerney and 2 people in the front if any one wants to see it from a differint view just  ask







My favorite DINKY models are the Little Yellow HEINZ trucks.

I have 20 so far.


I have plans for the layout to have a Heinz factory with several sidings with my fleet of 15 K-line Heienz reefers, Miller designs Katsup sign flashing and the little yellow Heinz trucks at the loading dock.

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