I wouldn't buy anything from JustTrains in New Jersey unless that was the very last place to go and then probably not then. 

I bought a Like new #97 coal loader roof a few years back. It was repainted on the topside. Had a scratch on the topside. The bottom side was rusty and had grease on it. Definitely not Like new. When I called him out on it he got nasty and made threats about where I sell Trains at the Allentown Train Show. I swore to never do business again.

I have talked to other vendors at the show that had unpleasant and dishonest deals from them also. 

Sincerely; Forest

Purchased the 16amp diode & new line cord from this company for my transformer repair and a new smoke unit for the engine.  The person behind the web storefront  was very helpful via email and I had no problems.    Did not have issue with Just Trains but thanks for sharing your experience.

Dan Padova posted:
Yardmaster posted:

Here is a picture of a diode installed on my 1033 transformer.

I removed the old whistle rectifier and parts, cut off the the old mounting bracket out of the transformer, and soldered in the diode.

Boy, do those whistles blow now and every time!

Quick and easy.DSC04383


Correct me if I am wrong.  So what you have shown here is another way to do what LIONELTIN showed us in his original post ?  And what do I ask for when buying the diode in you photo ?   Great picture by the way.  

This is a very nice and clean way to upgrade the 1033's. Very helpfull. 


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