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In my opinion this is the single worst gimmick that Lionel and MTH have produced. It makes me mad to pay over $400 for an engine and then be forced to hear it if I want to just run conventional. I don't have DCS or Legacy and don't want them. I wish it was an option that could only be turned on through those systems rather than only turned off. I usually just leave the sound completely off as a result. 

Ed, not sure if this is relevant, but with an MTH Premier Dash-9 (PS3) in DCC mode on my Digitrax setup, you can toggle crew chatter on and off with F27. It's on by default. Also, out of the box, F3 is set to initiate start-up and shut-down with some crew chatter and F4 is PFA "Passenger/Freight Announcements" that you may want to avoid...     

I believe you can re-map those away from F3 and F4, but I haven't done that as there's a Loksound Select in this engine's future...

I have not run this particular version but many previous.   So I downloaded it, unzipped it.   And this is what I see in the directory (below -- bolded the ADPCM.exe).   If you are not seeing this set of files ... are you using windows, mac?

ADPCM_1.3.3\sox manual.txt
ADPCM_1.3.3\Wave File Format.txt
ADPCM_1.3.3\ADPCM Overview (Windows).URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\Databyte Encoding.ods
ADPCM_1.3.3\Differences Between PCMADPCM Wave Files Explained.txt
ADPCM_1.3.3\Differences Between PCMADPCM Wave Files Explained.URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\does anyone have an example converting vox to wav in c# or even c++ - Dialogic Global Call and R4 APIs - Developer Group - D.URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\farm sounds big endian PCM 24bit 11025Hz.raw
ADPCM_1.3.3\lame RareWares.URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\Microsoft WAVE soundfile format.URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\MTH Proto-Sound .mth file structure - Model Train Forum.URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\MTH Proto-Sound .mth file structure.txt
ADPCM_1.3.3\Playing Audio in Windows using waveOut Interface by David Overton (from psc cd).txt
ADPCM_1.3.3\Playing Audio in Windows using waveOut Interface by David Overton (from psc cd).URL
ADPCM_1.3.3\PS2 and PS3 sound file names explained.jpg



Woops.  I SEE it in your list.   It's the one a few down with the whistle icon that in the "center" column says "Application".   The reason it doesn't say ".exe" is because you have to turn on the option in Windows to see those "file extensions"...  

SO yeah, 7 items down.  Icon is a whistle.  Show "ADPCM" ... then date, then it say "Application".

That should be it.

Severn posted:

There is another solution.  Edit the engine sound file.  You can use this program to do it:

You'll be experimenting and you'll get it wrong at least one time (probably), but in the end you can make the voice clips go away, replaced with something else...


Severn, can this program be used to add station stop announcements to the voice clips that are already in the MTH voice files, or just to replace those existing MTH voice clips with new station stop voice clips?

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I don't know the answer. Mark the author would have a more definitive answer.  I know he's said before he can see the soft key definitions in the file.   In theory perhaps more could be added then...  but I'm not sure how the "auto" mode works in this regard, the interaction with the remote ... and I don't have an engine that supports it to experiment.  (I'm basing my reply on this explanation: )

There are only a few specific clips that can be added to the sound file (SXS is one where you can add the SXS sound and turn on the SXS softkey for older engines). If you add a clip into an empty index, most likely the software in the engine won't know what to do with it.

I think you are asking about the trolley station stop clips. The software in the trolley knows exactly which clips are involved in the station stop sequence. You can replace those clips in exactly the same index with different clips.

Maybe more experimentation will find a different solution.

For voices that you don't like, you can record silence and replace the offending clip with silence. I could even make that an option in my ADPCM program.

Life is good.  Seeing this topic here on the 2 rail forum is like a blast from the past.  Made me rejoice.  Over the recent past after deciding to switch from 3 rail to 2 rail I've completely liberated myself from Bad Monkey Twins.  No longer a captive to two proprietary command systems.  Now have DCC with many competing manufacturers building command components to a common open source NMRA standard.  No more MTH DCS/Legacy/TMCC.  Zero Lionel and MTH engines.  Now have DCC, and many other manufacturers decoders and other command components and many other manufacturers 2 rail engines and rolling stock.  Try it.  Life can be good for you too!   You too can liberate yourself from the Bad Monkey Twins.  Make it your New Years resolution.   Happy New Year 2017!! 

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The MTH crew chatter that is randomly heard is when the locomotives are in neutral for several minutes.

The other crew conversations require a specific signal to set off the sequence.

Are you accidentally setting off the crew and tower conversations every time.

Lionel's crew and tower conversations have to be INTENTIONALLY activated or they are never heard.


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