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Question for those who have/use rails in their display cases.  For 3-rail engines, do you display them on 3-rail track?  Does anybody use 2 rail track?

It probably doesn't make much difference, I'm just wondering if sitting a 3-rail engine on 3-rail track for years at a time might scrunch up the springs in the electric pick-up rollers and whether it might be better for long times to let a 3-rail engine sit on 2-rail track (which obviously would look more natural to all my non-train friends who would look at the display).  Anybody think there's a strong reason to go one or the other - or better yet, have experience?

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Pickup rollers would rest on the ties so the springs would actually be less compressed than if they were on 3-rail track.  The problem might be traction tires.  The rail head on 2-rail track is narrower than 3-rail track, so there will be more compression pressure (in terms of psi) on any traction tires so they might deform.

I'm sure that somebody on the forum has actually done this and hopefully they will comment.

@GG1 4877 posted:

I always display my trains on 2 rail track regardless of if the train is 2 or 3 rail.  I got some used GarGraves 2 rail track which is the same profile as the 3 rail track with no center rail.  Never had any problems personally.

Good way to go. Looks better spray painted dark camo brown.

I use 2-rail for display when I use track, but I actually prefer the routed grooves when using wooden shelves (I also use some plain flat wooden shelves; all seems to work). My "displays" are varied, including quite a bit of aluminum shelving.

Too much stuff, anyway.

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