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I thought I would post a few pictures of my first group of Display cases that have 2 tiered shelves to increase the density of trains in a display case. These 3 are the first of 7 to be built. The cabinets are 81" tall by 16 1/2" wide and 8 ' long. They are double sided with a total of 38 (19 on each side) shelves to display trains. In theory I could get approximately 300 standard size pieces of rolling stock such as 6400 cars and or other rolling stock that is about 11" long. There will be a train running across the top of all the display cases in a loop.

I just put a few trains on the shelves for these pictures. I will post a few pictures once we get the cases populated with trains.

There additional photos below that show trains on the display shelves.

I have my original train set running on top of the display cases. It is a 2035 with its original set of cars.

I am currently building 5 more cases which will take a while.




These are the original photos I posted.



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Those are nice looking shelves -- great to have the space to do that sort of build.  A couple of questions for you.  It looks like there is an internal frame (X-frame?) inside the shelving units with what looks like uprights (1x4?) running from floor to ceiling?  Presumably they are tied in to the floor and ceiling?  What did you use for shelving?  3/4" oak plywood?  They appear to be supported by shelf brackets (two per shelf)?  Do you plan to have (sliding?) glass doors (based on what looks like a display case on the wall in the background)?

Anyway, a great way to display your collection


      The center posts are actually 2x4 and the "x" brace in the center is used to provide stability for the shelf for left to right swaying. The display shelves are actually 3/4" poplar wood with v grooves cut in them to hold the trains in place. The original plan was to use glass sliding doors but that has turned out to be difficult so I am building simple wood frame that is beveled on sides with glass in the center. There are conventional shelf brackets and on each bracket there is a 3" spacer to support the back shelf.



I remember this scene from a movie, several movies actually.  I hope you are tying them in either to the ceiling or with a board at the top running the length of the shelves.  Just a thought.

Yes. After seeing photo #2 the first thing that I thought of was dominoes. I've had a couple of - minor - shelf failures. Not a thing to enjoy. Tie those things to the wall or ceiling - directly through to the studs or rafters.


"Put On rollers on a track you could roll them for access or out of the way.


No, really.

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Update to my Display case project. I have just about completed populating the first display case. It turned out to be quite an effort to unbox the trains and get them on shelves. I have to say it is like Christmas getting all the trains out of the boxes. Just two more display cases to go.

See the attached picture.




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About 99% of our collection is in the original box which presents an issue because of the volume of them.


Might be an issue, as you noted, but it certainly is a good idea, as you already know, to retain the original boxes. I have that same box-storage problem, but fortunately solved that when we moved. Had half the basement finished for office, lounge, and train layout; and kept the other half (actually a bit less than half) free for train storage, box storage, and wife Wendy's cooking stuff. I plan to sell a good number of trains once this COVID thing is over, and having original boxes sure does make things easier.

Here are some ideas on shelving.  All have glass of plexi protection.

1. The double shelves were custom made by the late Jim Storer

2. The monster oak shelf was custom made off site and barely made it into the house

3.  I have several Greenway products shelves with glass doors. Simply beautiful but shipping made it impossible to purchaseTRAIN ROOM EAST CABINET TRAIN ROOM NORTH WALL Close UpOFFICE WALL OF TRAINS 2020OFFICE Bing Ives Flyer Hungarian Mint FIREPLACE DISPLAYNORTH CABINET Office Museum 2020 them  longer than 4 feet.

Lew Schneider


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  • OFFICE Bing Ives Flyer Hungarian Mint FIREPLACE DISPLAY
  • NORTH CABINET Office Museum 2020

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