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Keep in mind that the center wire from the controllers to the switches is redundant on common ground layouts and can be eliminated saving about 1/3 of your wire runs. Make the controller connections instead at a convenient common connection at the control panel, and, optionally for even further redundancy, make the center post connection at the switches to your nearby common/bus/loop.

This being the case, you can reduce your wire size yet again. I use 24-22 ga., whatever is convenient.

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I would check with some of the Lionel parts  dealers. I think they sell a flat 3 or 4 strand black wire that’s the same as the original Lionel.

I believe that wire is known as FB3 and FB4 respectively. But it's only #22 same as the original. T'stat wire is typically #18 and is better for runs longer than say 12 ft or so, depending on your supply power voltage. I use 16VDC on the layout for 022 switch power and it works pretty well. The power supply has an 80,000uF filter capacitor, so those babies snap very well!


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