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Hi Artie,

Many moons ago I had two K-Line RS3s custom painted in plain black Lackawanna by someone who did such work for the Scranton Hobby Shop.  They are early TMCC and run very well.

I just received my MTH EL RS3s from Mr. Muffin's. I haven't opened the shipping box yet. I really like the early EL black and yellow scheme. I also have a couple of Atlas's C424s in those colors.  Now if I can only convince Beth at Public Delivery Track or Mr. Muffin to custom run some of Atlas's newly announced F3 in the same paint, I'd be in EL heaven! Any interest out there?

Those freight F3s used to push east up the western slope of the Poconos right behind my house.  We would later to see them coast west back to Scranton in about a half an hour after their push to Lehigh.  As kids we used to call them "RADIO" trains (seeing the lightning bolt and those words on their flanks), believing that they were in pursuit of misbehaving youths playing on railroad property. 



@Artie-DL&W posted:

Having seen the beautiful Erie Lackawanna RS3 posted by SIRT, I’m wondering if anyone would make an earlier (pre-merger) Lackawanna version?

My MTH repaints. The 905 represents a Lackawanna shop repaint and the 902 represents the “as delivered” scheme. On the 902, I also moved the steps out to the proper location and the 905 will get the same mod in the near future.

I also painted two GP9s, also in DL&W colors…




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